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Siskiyous Athletic Training

Athletic Training Staff


Zachary Myers                    Scott Daffern

              Head Athletic Trainer              Assistant Athletic Trainer       



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The Athletic Training / Sports Conditioning Facility includes a treatment area, injury rehabilitation area, and our athletic strength and conditioning area.


The treatment area in the COS athletic training room is equipped with many different electircal modalities including Interferential stimulation used for edema reduction and pain relief, Biphasic and Russian stimulation used for strengthening and muscle reeducation, and microcurrent used for pain relief and healing. We also have a variety of portable microcurrent, TENS, and interferential machines for treatment of our athletes on the road.

We have in our training room multiple 1 and 3 Mhz ultrasound machines. We use these to assist in the healing of fresh injuries or the heating of more chronic injuries. COS also has a number of protable ultrasound units used for treatment of our athletes on the road.


Within the treatment area, we have a wet area in the training room. This area includes two whirlpools and a flake ice machine. It also includes hydrocollators with pads in assorted shapes and sizes for heat treatment of any body area. This treatment area also has a nice line of sight to our rehabilitation area and our strength and conditioning facility. This allows us to supervise rehabilitation programs while treating injuries.



The Athletic Training rehabilitation area has many balls, cylinders, and trampolines we use during the rehabilitation process. We use these to create unstable bases and increase strength and proprioception.

Our rehabilitation area is also equipped with two Total Gym 2400 strength and conditioning machines. These machines come with a variety of attachments which make them ideal for the rehabilitation of our athletes.  The treatment and rehabilitation areas, as well as the expertise of our staff allows us to do the bulk of our treatments and rehabilitations in house in order to accommodate to the needs and schedules of our student athletes.






In addition to our main athletic training facility, COS has an additional facility located in the main gym. This facility allows us to have a presense in the gym for our indoor sports. We use this facility for practice and game preperation or as an alternative treatment area for our student athletes.




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